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Intermodal Transport

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Experience the Ridgewood International Freight advantage with our Intermodal service.

Having a freight option that can facilitate your transportation needs is important. Rail services can haul more cargo at one time than a single truck, which makes rail far more efficient than trucks to move large loads. Rail also provides flexibility, high load capacity, and when delivery time is not a concern it is the perfect transportation method as it will lessen shipping impact on the environment and your bottom line. Though trains cannot be used in “door-to-door” delivery and have less scheduling flexibility than trucks, the transportation services combine the best attributes of both rail and trucks to provide timely and cost -effective rail shipping.  

​When it comes to the environment, Rail transport is the most environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way to move freight. Ridgewood works hard to find ways to lessen the shipping impact on the environment and your bottom line. Rail is the most ideal option as it removes traffic off busy highways, reduces carbon emissions and transportation expenses.


When transit time is not a concern and cost is, we will handle your freight in the most eco-friendly way plausible.

Eco Friendly Train

Preserving the Environment

Rail freight is well ahead of other modes of transportation when it comes to limiting greenhouse gas emissions, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing its carbon footprint.

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