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Order Fulfillment 

Inventory management accuracy and security is paramount to the success of your supply chain. Balancing a lean supply chain with inventory accessibility for your customers can be challenging. Whether you have continuous high-volume products, or individual cases or easy-pick items, we are well equipped to support you with accuracy, speed, and flexibility. 

Ridgewood also recognizes that space availability–either at your location, near your customer, or both—is integral to moving your product and adhering to routing guides and delivery commitments. However, with Ridgewood acting as your 3PL (third party logistics), we will ensure your supply chain is optimized beginning with cargo transportation overseas or domestically through the movement to one of our strategically-located distribution centers.

  • Complete B2B and B2C service, from container pickup to shipping your orders, we can look after it all.

  • We cater to fulfillment clients of all sizes. We do not require a minimum order amount or monthly storage quantity.

The Benefit


Order fulfillment services have gained momentum especially with so many start-ups and fast growing small and medium companies that do not have infrastructure and logistics facilities. Even big established corporations have adopted our order fulfillment services because of several advantages which include:


Lower Shipping Cost


Reduce Operating Cost


Extend your Reach


Improve Customer Service


Harness Technology


Focus on Selling

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