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At Ridgewood International Freight we provide a wide variety of customs brokerage services to diminish all possible risks connected with importing and exporting goods across the US/Canada border.  CBSA and other government agencies mandate strict compliance and accountability from importers. In this complex regulatory environment,

Ridgewood International Freight will be a vital partner in meeting your compliance needs.


We pride ourselves in being able to tailor our services to the distinct needs of each and every client.  Our team of brokers are professionals who will support you in fulfilling your export and import needs. We provide our clients with timely, efficient, and precise custom clearances and have our shipments monitored in real time with Canada Customs to have virtually no delays. 

We provide a Customs Broker through:

  • Customs Clearances

  • The ability to handle all of your customs, consulting and freight forwarding needs.

  • Brokerage Services

  • Rates and service options.

  • Consulting

  • Small Parcel Services

  • After hour custom clearances

  • Immediate communication on releases.

  • Clearances at all major ports.

  • Clearance of shipments arriving via sea, air, truck or rail

  • Customs releases at any Canadian port of entry

  • U.S. customs clearance

  • PARS (Pre-Arrival Review System)

  • Duty drawbacks

  • Duty deferral program consulting

  • CBSA compliance verification audits consulting

  • SIMA consulting

  • AMPS appeals                        

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