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Air Freight

The Essentials of International Air Freight Cargo Shipping


As a complete air freight provider, Ridgewood International Freight operates within a best-in-class segment of the expedited transportation industry delivering a broad array of freight forwarding services for companies around the world.

We have years of experience handling oversized and overweight shipments that have distinct requirements. Whether you need small express shipments or large-scale projects, you can count on attention to detail in every aspect of your shipping experience.

At Ridgewood International Freight, we go above the industry standards of operations, that makes us one of the most dependable freight forwarding partners in the market. Working with the world’s major commercial airlines provides us a variety of global airfreight options designed to give our valued customers the flexibility and competitive prices that suit their needs. 

By choosing Ridgewood, we can guarantee that all of your goods will be transferred via air in the best and safest conditions. Our team of experts and agents around the world follow a specialized approach to ensure all of your goods reach their destination in a timely and affordable manner.


  • Air Consolidations

  • Sea/Air Options

  • Small Packages / Courier and Express

  • Air Freight Door to Door

  • Air Freight Door to Airport

  • Air Freight Insurance

  • Monitoring, tracking and tracing.

  • Air Cargo dedicated ULD’S

  • Air Cargo Envirotainers

  • Air Economical routings

  • Air Priority (Expedited transit time)

  • Air Next Flight Out

  • AOG

  • Third Country Movements / Cross Trades

  • Air Freight Packaging and Crating

  • Scheduled arrivals & departures

Air Freight

Next Flight Out

Assured next available direct, non-stop booked flight.​


Shipment is delivered on the following business day no later than 5:00 p.m. Delivery before noon can be scheduled to most destinations.​


We analyze route, payload and time scale to propose the most suitable aircraft. We offer part charters, backloads and ad hoc. Cranes and custom-built loading and pre-flight advice on packing. Wide range of fleet sizes to accommodate heavy and out of gauge shipments.​

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