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Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight Service

Ridgewood International Freight offers a wide range of ocean freight forwarding options to ensure that your cargo reaches its destination safely, on time and in a cost-efficient manner. We provide flexible and integrated ocean freight services to create highly adaptable, reliable and specialized solutions. Our global networks coupled with local expertise provide preparation of all required documentation, consolidation and deconsolidation, flexible scheduling and competitive rates.

Air Freight Service

Air Freight Service

Ridgewood International Freight is a global provider in first-class air freight services. At Ridgewood, we understand the need for customized and affordable freight forwarding services, no matter the scale whether it’s a small or large project you can depend on us for every aspect of your freight forwarding experience. Global capacity and demand can change in the blink of an eye and we are committed to providing stable, reliable services which maintain your supply chain’s integrity.

Truck Transportation

Trucking Services

Ridgewood International Freight provides a broad range of ground freight shipping services that are reliable, cost-efficient and provide many excellent options for your business. Ridgewood provides fast and accurate quoting services to get your cargo on the road when you need it. We work with a number of well-known ground carriers. No matter the destination our team of experts will have your shipments delivered in the most timely and affordable way possible, completely stress free.



Ridgewood International Freight is committed to offering you comprehensive international freight forwarding services that comprise all aspects of freight transportation as safely and securely as possible, every time. Over the years, we have established ourselves as an international presence in a world where our customers demand the most effective and affordable transportation methods. By doing so, we ensure customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

At Ridgewood, we can promise you that our team includes individuals with extensive transportation and logistics expertise. As one of the top freight forwarders
 and 3PL leaders in Toronto, we manage the flow of goods in a supply chain, from transportation of the cargo to warehousing and planning the value-added logistics services. We understand the documentation, capacity and best practices involved with local, regional and global shipping. Our specialists will work closely with you to customize transportation solutions using the latest freight forwarding and freight management strategies.

We work closely with our clients to fit the right logistics strategy and solutions based on each client’s supply chain capabilities, business needs and future objectives. Our client’s success is our passion and we know that each client has unique business objectives and requirements. We balance these needs against the logistics disciplines to ensure our clients’ success.

Whether by air freight, by ocean freight or by ground freight, Ridgewood can simplify the global movement of your goods in the most efficient, cost effective and reliable manner. 

We are experts in international freight forwarding and would be willing to answer any additional questions you may have. In particular, we are uniquely positioned as an international freight forwarder and a Customs broker. When you’re ready to move your goods, please contact Ridgewood International Freight at (416) 674-8748 to speak to one of our highly qualified logistics experts. 

One of the top Freight Forwarding & Logistics companies in Canada since 1992

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With nearly 30 years in the logistics industry, Ridgewood International Freight has a vast experience in dealing with any type of freight. 




We have a strong global partner network of associates in more than 125 countries by which we can ensure you that all services will be efficient and competitive which includes values added solutions to all our customers with time-bound compliances. Contact us now to learn more about our incredible team and how we can best help you.

For any inquiries, questions or commendations,
please call:+1 (416) 674-8748 or fill out the following form.

Head Office

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Etobicoke, Ontario

M9W 6L9


Tel: +1 (416) 674-8748

Fax: (416) 674-8571

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